Greyhawk: Those Forgotten

The mountains to the west have always been imposing, formidable, the edge of the “civilized” lands of the Central Flanaess, a vast natural border running north-south for hundreds of miles. Guarding that border are a number of territories that defend the interior lands from the marauding humanoids, giants, and other untold horrors that would otherwise rampage undeterred, inflicting death and destruction upon the known world.

One of the oldest of these territories is the Grand Duchy of Geoff, lying to the east of the point where the Barrier Peaks and the Crystalmist Mountains meet. It is this comparatively small region that has attracted a great deal of attention as of late. Not only have the incursions of creatures from the mountains been increasing in frequency, but there have been disturbing reports of attacks by the normally subterranean drow as well. An entire town is said to have been laid low, most of its population either killed or carried off and likely enslaved, and there was even an organized assault upon a smaller, fortified outpost as well.

Tales relate that the sylvan elves of the Hornwood maintain their alliance with the Duchy and do their best to lend aid and support, but they too have found themselves under attack and fight for their own homes deep in the woodlands. Even the disparate dwarven holds in the northwest have banded together in defense of the frequent assaults upon their holds from both above and below ground.

The Grand Duke now struggles to secure and maintain his ancestral lands from these encroaching threats. Many of his people have all but abandoned the lands closest to the mountains, migrating eastward to the relative safety of the larger towns and cities, while adventurers, mercenaries, and sellswords attempt to take advantage of the situation and seek their fame and fortune in a region that is quickly becoming very unstable.

Greyhawk: Those Forgotten

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